Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still Here...

I have been crazy busy with work, family, new video game, and building my new FPV wing. So my little blog has been suffering in the pit of no new content. So here is a quick update:

I started flying with a fellow FPV enthusiast that is excited to really get out there and fly hard. He and I had a great little flying session a few days ago and got some sweet footage of rocky mountainsides and some fall colors.
I'm waiting until get some more video recorded before I make up a video of it. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. :-]

I have been dragging my feet a bit on my new FPV wing, but after having a great time flying the other day it's really motivated me to get my butt in gear and get it going. Here are a few picks of the build.
Here is my new wing compared to the current one. Hopefully it will get longer than 8min of flight time:-]

After I glued the halves together and cut out a space to mount the motor in a little ways.

Got the control surfaces cut down and test fitted the wiglets. I think it will look bad A!

So I will be working like mad to try and get it put together and get it flying! Hopefully it will fly with the way I'm setting it up. (as far as I know I'm the first one to try building this wing with a pusher motor instead of duel front motors.)

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  1. Hey loving the single motor! Looks way cooler than the twin. And with that stick mount it sure ain't coming out any time soon! haha. What's your setup you're going with?