Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cloverleaf antena

I built a couple cloverleaf antennas for my 1.28ghz video transmitter. Instructions can be found at RCExplorer and on RC Groups. (I like the instructions at RCExplorer better, they were less confusing)

So far I have only had one flight using my cloverleaf antenna (my Fall colors 1 video), but it preformed quite nice!
The only time I got any fuzz in the video was when I flew too far off to one side. (my RX antenna is a directional yagi) But so long as I stayed out in front of my antenna the video was crystal clear. Still need to do some distance testes though to see what the limits are.
It looks a little ghetto with the black tape, I will figure out a better way to mount soon. :-] 

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