Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hercules! Hercules!

I finally finished the edit of the flight I had in Snow Canyon! It turned out great!
But I wont waist time talking about it...here it is:

But what I will spend time talking about is the road trip I took with a couple buddies down to Moab Utah.
My Hercules flew great! (maybe a little under powered.....but a different motor/prop would fix that.) My system preformed ok, there are a few things I need to change. (video RX antenna, uhf TX antenna)
Hopefully I will get all the footage put together into a video soon.
In the mean time here are a some pictures form the trip:

My Hercules FPV setup (Chainlink UHF/DX6i, Rembizi OSD, Headplay goggles, 1.28ghz video, Pixim flying camera, and GoPro HERO HD cam.)
Even without color the Hercules looks pretty bad-A in the air!
Going west on Potash Road we found a cool gap in the top of a cliff that Todd just had to fly through. (you can see it in the upper right) He took two runs through it...tapped a wingtip on one run and cleared it on the second, it was AWESOME! I didn't attempt it. :-[

We did a good amount of tandem flying, witch was super fun! This is Todd's wing flying at the Balancing Bolder on the Shafer trail.

Corona Arch - 140 feet high, 105 feet wide
Todd was able to fly through it a few times, then he attempted to shoot through Bowtie arch (witch was right next to it)...it didn't end well. I would have taken my wing through it but I was busy rappelling off the top of it. It was CRAZY!

Todd gave his quad a try. He would have flown it more but one of the motors was giving him problems. So we didn't risk any more flights.

Even though we didn't get as many flights in as we would have liked and we had a few mishaps/dumb mistakes. The trip was a blast, we learned allot, and we will be allot more prepared for future trips.

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing the informations about your FPV experiences! I am going to fly FPV with delta (had already with EasyStar) and have also the Chainlink.
    Can you please take a photo so I can see how did you place those 2 antennas for diversity receiver? I have those long ones from bevrc.com so hope I can find the place for them (my delta will be 1.8m wingspan).
    Thank you!