Monday, November 14, 2011

A crash to end it?

I crashed my reaper up a mountain....again. It started out to be a beautiful afternoon FPV flying session. I got one ok flight in, my buddy got an amazing flight in, and I started in to another. I was just getting finished with a big climb to try to catch a fluffy little cloud, my battery was getting low so I turned around and started to make a run into an amazing little canyon. I wasn't thinking about the fact that it would put me out of line of sight. Long story short, I lost video and it went down.....

After 3 hours of brutal hiking and one chance phone call I found my Reaper! It was sitting there in a tree/bush...thing 1700 feet up the mountain. Considering the speed and height there wasn't that much damage. Nothing a little glue/tape couldn't fix. The best part of all was that my Go-Pro wasn't broke! (but it did lose the last 10sec of the crash video.)

I will be making a little video of the adventure some time soon.

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