Friday, October 7, 2011

Chainlink UHF on DX6i

I Picked up a Chainlink UHF system and until I get a 9ch radio I'm going to be using it on my Spectrum DX6i radio.
This is how I got it setup:
I used a patch of Velcro to attach it to the back of the radio under the carry handle.

The DX6i only has 6 volts worth of internal batteries so I used some more Velcro to attach a 3 cell lipo to the back of the battery cover.

Here is my custom connector, and a diagram of how to wire it up. 

I added a little latch to the bottom to keep the battery cover from sliding off.

I've just done bench testing so far to make sure it works. Going out to do a ground test with it this weekend.

Any questions or them in the comments section :-]


  1. Did you have a chance to compare as range your Chainlink setup on Dx6I with a 1000mW 2.4Ghz Amp? I did see your comment on DIYDrones and I was thinking you did try the 2.4GHz booster. Some pros and cons. Thanks, Chris

  2. I did do a ground test with the booster setup. It wasn't the best test though. I had my plane strapped to the top of my friend's car and had him drive away. According to the info on my OSD I starting getting lockouts at 5000 feet and a total loss of control at 5400 feet away. Now if the plane was 400 feet up in the air without a metal car/trees causing the signal to not reach the plane it might have been a different story. I'm using 1.28ghz for my video link with no filters so that might have caused interference that reduced my range.
    After my crash up on a mountainside I was reluctant to do a flying range test. So when I get all my gear moved over to my new FPV wing I will do a flying test with just the booster to see how far it will really go.

  3. Hi there, took delivery of a chainlink system today which came with futaba plug so was very pleased to find your site. Managed to solder together a Dx6i to Chainlink cable in no time at all. Works perfectly although I only have 2200mah 3S batteries which are a bit heavy. How much flight time do you get out of the 1000mah pack?

    1. With a 2200mah pack I suspect you could fly for a week:-] With a 1000mah pack I can confidently fly all day. (2 to 4 14-20min flights. It's still a good idea to check the voltage every other flight. It will also matter if your flying in low or high power mode. I recommend always flying in low power until you get radio dropouts. (unless you have a really good RTH OSD)It will use less power and you have the added option to kick it into high if you get in trouble. I would just make sure you charge the battery at the end of the day....just to be safe.

  4. hi , this system is work? range is okay?